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Here we provide our customers with general information about the metals market and
its developments.
The information is compiled according to customer specifications.

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Metals CS GmbH & Co. KG

Your partner in metals

As a consulting company we focus on analyzing your supply chain, optimizing your raw material procurement and your metal cycle as well as improving your production processes.

We accompany you individually and let you be a part of our professional network.


Longterm practical experience in the non-ferrous metal industry is one of our main strengths. We know the metal market, realize trends and we give food for thoughts.


We offer our customers a global network of specialists in commercial and industrial manufacturing. For our partners we create synergies.


New opportunities, new ways….Our work is affected by the ambition for the best quality, open communication and appreciation of our partners.


Our priorities

We offer our clients a wide range of services:

  1. Market research/ benchmarking international procurement
  2. Analysis of market segments
  3. Defining market strategies
  4. Definition of cost reduction potentials
  5. Establishing and optimizing of metal cycles
  6. Supply chain management
  7. Improvement of recycling processes
  8. Improvement of logistic processes
  9. Optimizing and substituting material and semi-finished products
  10. Introduction of new manufacturing technologies
  11. Value stream mapping and design
  12. Make-or-buy studies
  13. Trainings and workshops
  14. Supporting implementations of legal regulations (e.g. REACh)


Our responsibilities

Depending on specific customer requirements our role extends beyond selective collaboration to complete responsibility of strategic purchasing activities rearrangement of your production.

We plan, design or restructure your production processes using the latest value stream management methods.

We take on risk management for non-ferrous metals procurement.


Your profit

We enable you access to:

  1. First-hand market information (Reuters and VWD Info-Tools)
  2. An active global purchasing network
  3. A complete spectrum of expertise for the metal processing
  4. Digital tools for planning your factory
  5. The leading metal exchange markets

We ensure you complete assistance in all projects and undertake responsibility to achieve agreed targets.

We reduce your material costs by optimizing your requirements.


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Managing Director

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Assistant to the Managing Director

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